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Brexit Britain: what now for the nation?
From where I stand here are the four most important and obvious issues that the UK faces in post-Brexit Britain. More ...
Martin Charlesworth
Brexit Britain: what now for the Church?
So where do we go from here in the strange surreal world of Brexit Britain? The decision has been made, but the divorce with the EU has not really begun. No one quite knows what is going to happen. So what should the Church be doing now? More ...
Martin Charlesworth
Brexit Britain: tensions in the Church
Thee EU Referendum has had multiplied unintended consequences. It has exposed tensions and differences within the Church that are going to need addressing and, in many cases, healing. Here are a few of the issues… More ...
Martin Charlesworth
A few words from Krish Kandiah...
One of the keynote speakers at this year's Churches that Change Communities conference is Krish Kandiah. [video] More ...
Natalie Williams
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The Sidelined
As a result of Brexit, there are many people feeling disempowered. Whether they feel unheard or just angry at the situation, the outcome of disempowerment is the same. More ...
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