"The authors say their intention is to shatter 'the myth of the undeserving poor', to share a big vision of both what the Bible says about poverty and what can practically be done. Not only do they succeed, but they also provide a pithy historical and theological overview of the duty placed on Christians to 'act justly and to love mercy'. Building on both Catholic Social Teaching and the Evangelical thinking of John Stott, Francis Schaeffer, Leslie Newbiggin, and others, they remind us that Scripture teaches that 'every single person is created in the image of God, known by him and loved by him' - and of the responsibilities which this entails. Their repudiation of the stigmatisation of the poor as benefits cheats, as a feckless underclass of chavs and scroungers, is as welcome as their practical suggestions about how we can turn Food Bank Britain into a fairer and less socially divided society." Lord David Alton - Crossbench Peer and Professor of Citizenship at Liverpool John Moores University

"As a local church leader, I have found this book provoking, challenging and helpful. It sheds light on today's culture and attitudes, and in response lays a good biblical foundation for both the church leader and the individual Christian to follow." Paul Mann - senior leader, King's Church Hastings

"Over a century ago, William Booth and the Salvation Army shattered the Victorian myth of the undeserving poor. Martin Charlesworth and Natalie Williams issue a similar challenge to a new generation. Is your reaction to poverty shaped unthinkingly by the media and by politicians? Don't let them do the thinking for you. Everyone should read this excellent and challenging book."  Phil Moore - senior leader of Everyday Church, London, and author of Gagging Jesus and the Straight to the Heart series of devotional commentaries.
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As a result of Brexit, there are many people feeling disempowered. Whether they feel unheard or just angry at the situation, the outcome of disempowerment is the same. More ...
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