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Jubilee+ has been on an exciting journey since its inception in 2011.

We originally formed to help churches increase their capacity to engage with social action. We formed a national core team that have worked very hard since then to provide training, consultancy, resources and networking opportunities for local churches across the country.

As time has gone on we’ve developed our vision to encompass three key areas of church activity: social action, social justice and social enterprise. As a result, we have developed conferences and training to facilitate the development of individuals and churches in these three areas. By the end of 2014, we will have hosted over 2000 delegates at various conferences and training events we have run in numerous locations across the country.

Recently we have been able to engage effectively with politicians on issues relating to the work of churches. We have also been forging strong relationships with Christian social action charities and various church networks and denominations. Alongside this, we have formed a team specialising in researching the outcomes of church-based social action and publishing reports on its findings.
Our next goal is to form a network of Partner Churches. We would be thrilled if you might consider this opportunity to work more intentionally with us.

With thanks for your ongoing interest and support,

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Martin Charlesworth
Team Leader


What does it mean to be a Partner Church with Jubilee+ ?

We want the benefits to be mutual. So here’s the plan:

What we offer you:
• Opportunities to meet with our team and other Partner Churches
• Public identification with the work of Jubilee+
• Information about your church on our website
• Opportunity to host Jubilee+ regional events
• Priority in requests for Jubilee+ speakers
• Discounted tickets at our conferences

What we ask of you:
• Commitment to promote the work of Jubilee+
• Regular monthly financial commitment to Jubilee+
• Regular prayer for our work
• Information for our research work (where possible)

Become a Partner Church

Please complete the form below:

Your Name:
Email Address:
Level of Partnership - £15/£30/£50/£100 per month or Other:
If you want an entry on this website, please write what you would like us to include (400 characters max):

Thank you!

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Geoff Knott, 29/03/2014

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