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The Sidelined
As a result of Brexit, there are many people feeling disempowered. Whether they feel unheard or just angry at the situation, the outcome of disempowerment is the same. More ...
Edd Graham-Hyde
The 'sidelined' culture
Guest blogger Edd starts his series on Brexit by offering an explanation about some of the socio-economic background issues that led to, and will continue after, Brexit. More ...
Edd Graham-Hyde
A message from Care
Timely information about the Abortion (Equality Disability) Bill and how you can constructively contact your MP... More ...
Sue Lyndon
An invitation from Jeremy Simpkins...
Jeremy Simpkins heads up the ChristCentral international family of churches, which is hosting this year's Churches that Change Communities conference. Here is a short video from Jeremy inviting you to the event... More ...
Natalie Williams
Brexit Britain: what now for the nation?
From where I stand here are the four most important and obvious issues that the UK faces in post-Brexit Britain. More ...
Martin Charlesworth
Brexit Britain: what now for the Church?
So where do we go from here in the strange surreal world of Brexit Britain? The decision has been made, but the divorce with the EU has not really begun. No one quite knows what is going to happen. So what should the Church be doing now? More ...
Martin Charlesworth
Brexit Britain: tensions in the Church
Thee EU Referendum has had multiplied unintended consequences. It has exposed tensions and differences within the Church that are going to need addressing and, in many cases, healing. Here are a few of the issues… More ...
Martin Charlesworth
A few words from Krish Kandiah...
One of the keynote speakers at this year's Churches that Change Communities conference is Krish Kandiah. [video] More ...
Natalie Williams
Brexit: the nation decides
Britain has dramatically voted to change direction and leave the EU. So what now for our nation? We enter a period of profound uncertainty... More ...
Martin Charlesworth
Compassion in the slums of Kenya: trauma and transformation
Returning from my trip to Kenya with Compassion has left me with a lot to process. I’m not a total newcomer to situations of poverty, and I’ve visited both slums and a refugee camp in the past, but what I saw in Mathare slum in Nairobi was well beyond... More ...
Steve Petch
History repeating itself?
In 1938 Britain undertook a remarkable mercy mission towards the children of central European Jews... More ...
Martin Charlesworth
An open heart and an open door
For most of our national history, since the Norman Conquest, Britain has not experienced a large influx of refugees. What perspectives guide the thinking of Christians on this issue? The Bible has much to teach us about it... More ...
Martin Charlesworth
An increasingly vital role
The Church in the UK has an astonishing track record of supporting and caring for the poorest in our communities over centuries... More ...
Natalie Williams
Ministry health checks
Ministries which serve those who are poor or disadvantaged should be carried out with excellence. The Ministry Health Check has been created with this in mind... More ...
Nigel Ring
Caring for older people
Within our nation there is growing awareness of the challenges being faced by older people... More ...
Andy Biggs and Andy McWilliam
Refugees – a sad State... ...of affairs
Guest contributor Gavin Poole writes on the refugee crisis in Europe. More ...
Gavin Poole
A shock resignation
It’s rare for a political resignation to come as a shock, but that’s exactly what happened when Iain Duncan Smith stood down as Work and Pensions Secretary on Friday night. More ...
Natalie Williams and Martin Charlesworth
Reckless living and the kindness of God
Anyone who has followed this blog or the work of Jubilee+ for a while will know that the concept of a deserving and undeserving poor is something we are passionately opposed to... More ...
Natalie Williams
Blog 0216 Jubilee logo
If you've ever wondered about what Jubilee+ is and does, or you want to know more about what we can do to help you engage with the poorest in your neighbourhoods and strengthen your communities, please check out this two-minute video... More ...
Natalie Williams
Blog 0216 India street scene1
"We must honour the poor," said Robert, who heads up a church-run nursery in one of the slums of Mumbai. The words hit me hard. I don't know why - it's not that I haven't thought about it like that before - but somehow they came with fresh clarity. More ...
Natalie Williams
Martin Charlesworth keynote 30
Each month in 2016 we’ll be profiling Jubilee+ team members and directors. First up we have Martin Charlesworth, who leads the team. More ...
Natalie Williams
Blog 0116 syrian family
The current refugee crisis across Europe is well documented. It attracted significant media coverage in the second half of last year in particular. So far a relatively small number of refugees have arrived in the UK, but over the coming months the number More ...
Geoff Knott
Blog 0116 2015-2016
Bookended by terrorist attacks in Paris and punctuated by political surprises, the growing refugee crisis and continued austerity, 2015 was in many ways a year of fear and uncertainty. As I cast my mind back to seeing national and international events More ...
Natalie Williams
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The Sidelined
As a result of Brexit, there are many people feeling disempowered. Whether they feel unheard or just angry at the situation, the outcome of disempowerment is the same. More ...
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