Research* shows the following.

• Over 320,000 problem drug users of opiates and cocaine.

• Significantly higher percentage of the population addicted than any of our immediate neighbours.

• Our mean alcohol consumption is higher too.

• 5 per cent of 15-39 year olds use cocaine.

• The age of initiation has consistently fallen.

• Care leavers, the homeless and young offenders have disproportionately higher levels of problematic drug and alcohol use than the rest of the population.

• A reasonable estimate is that half of the UK’s near 80,000 prison population are problem drug users.

• Drugs are now a rural as well as an urban problem.

• Some 350,000 children have drug addicted parents and one million have alcohol addicted parents.

*Centre for Social Justice


We strongly believe that the local church is of vital significance in God’s strategy to advance the Kingdom. As the local church tries to reach its community and beyond, it needs to be equipped. We use resources from other ministries. For example, look how well Alpha has served local mission over the last few years.

As we try to meet the needs of those in the community, we can also be equipped by many ministries who have developed training and materials for us to use. It enables the local church to make a tried and tested response to local problems. It promotes the role of the church in addressing social issues in their communities. It avoids the ‘re invention of the wheel’. Listed in this section are ministries and organisations that can help you.

The UK increasingly has a culture of dependency. With an estimated 450,000 problem gamblers and the biggest drug problem in Europe, Britain has a serious problem. CAP Release Groups helps people to deal with and break free from life controlling habits lik More ...
Geoff Knott
LFTW Living Recovery
A Centre that runs a Structured Day Recovery Programme in the locality for recovering addicts. Life for the World Living Recovery have put together a franchise package with all the information and support you need to start up and run your own More ...
RHM logo
Do you need assistance reaching those with an addiction in your community? Struggled to know where to send addicts to receive Christian help? Start your own Christian 12-Step Class in your church. RHM can help facilitate and train a team of people to prov More ...
New Hope logo
In 1999 two heroin addicts attended a service at the Church of the Nazarene in South Leeds. They were desperate for help. Our Pastor David Montgomery contacted some of the local agencies and soon realized how frustrating this was, as there were waiting li More ...
Life for World logo
There is hardly a community in the UK unaffected by addiction to drugs, alcohol, gambling or eating disorders. But how does a local church demonstrate its concern for the individual and families affected by these addictions? How does it provide some mea More ...
Geoff Knott
Are you concerned about drug and alcohol misuse among children today? Do you want to do something about it? With your help, Care for the Family wants to enable parents to feel more confident, skilled and better equipped to help their children make good More ...
Geoff Knott
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