Research* shows the following about worklessness.

• Over 5 million working-age people rely on state benefits.

• Someone who has spent five years on low income has no more than a 10 per cent chance of escape the following year.

• Social mobility has decreased over the last five decades.

• Densest concentrations of worklessness are often in relatively small geographical areas.

• Among households where all adults work, just 5 per cent are below the poverty line. Where there are no working adults, the risk of poverty increases nearly ten-fold to 49 per cent.

• Worklessness is particularly prevalent among: Lone Parents, Young People, People with Disabilities.

• The worklessness rate for lone parent households is 42 per cent, compared to 5 per cent for couple households with dependent children.

• 11% of 16-18 year-olds are ‘not in education, employment or training’ (NEET).

• Long-term sickness or disability is the reason given by 39 per cent of working age people living in workless households for their inactivity. Britain now has the highest proportion of long-term working age people with disabilities of any Western country – 7.4%.

• Work is the key route out of poverty for virtually all working-age households.

*Centre for Social Justice


We strongly believe that the local church is of vital significance in God’s strategy to advance the Kingdom. As the local church tries to reach its community and beyond, it needs to be equipped. We use resources from other ministries. For example, look how well Alpha has served local mission over the last few years.

As we try to meet the needs of those in the community, we can also be equipped by many ministries who have developed training and materials for us to use. It enables the local church to make a tried and tested response to local problems. It promotes the role of the church in addressing social issues in their communities. It avoids the ‘re invention of the wheel’. Listed in this section are ministries and organisations that can help you.

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Does your Church have a heart for prisoners and people with convictions? Clean Sheet offers a pathway to social reintegration through sustainable employment. Clean Sheet offers a 3 step pathway from Prison to Employment for people with convictions: More ...
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‘Ignition’ is a 7 session course that focuses on the development of job-search skills for those looking for work. The course covers letters, CVs, application forms and interview preparation. More ...
Unemployment plays a huge part in UK poverty, with over 2.1 million people out of work. As rejection letters pile up, many people are left feeling hopeless. CAP Job Clubs help jobseekers gain the tools, skills and confidence to step back into employment. More ...
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Choices courses lead to outcomes of reduced depression and anxiety, jobs and learning, employability and motivation, and resilience and lasting change. Choices is a holistic programme based on cognitive behavioural therapy and vocational support. This is More ...
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