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From material of the Lausanne Movement

What was on your childhood list of occupations - doctor, banker, scientist, police officer, architect?  As an adult, how close did you come to an occupation on that list?

Regardless of what you now do as a job, why you do it is even more important.  Is the security of an income the motivator, or is it living the call God has placed on your life?   

The so-called “sacred-secular divide” has caused some Christians to segment their lives into “secular work” and “spiritual living”.  Lausanne encourages Christians to instead, “accept and affirm their own daily ministry and mission as being wherever God has called them to work.”  It goes on to “challenge pastors and church leaders to support people in such ministry – in the community and in the workplace – ‘to equip the saints for works of service [ministry]’ - in every part of their lives.”

Some use the term “full-time Christian ministry” to mean the work of pastors, missionaries or people who work in a Christian organization.  We contend that all Christians – whether they preach, sweep the floor of the local market, or serve as an airline flight attendant – are in “full-time Christian ministry”.  

This leads to a few probing questions:
  • Why are Christian business people mainly approached for money and often seen as suspect as they deal with “Mammon”?
  • Why don’t we commission business people on a Sunday morning service to be salt and light in the market place?
  • Why are so few theological colleges providing courses on theology of work and business?

Workplaces can be where some people spend most of their working day. Around them is a community of colleagues who may be struggling with family breakdown, debt, addiction, etc.

In this section, we hope to give you some ideas on how to be 'salt and light' where God has placed you at work.

Geoff Knott, 01/10/2012

meeting in public space 300
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