There are many initiatives a church or churches in an area can organise and run to meet needs in their community. 

Some of these are courses e.g. parenting, that last for few weeks and can be run multiple times per year. Some are initiatives that require staff and/or volunteers to be involved up to 6 days a week.

Jubilee+ promotes 'community franchises'. These are initiatives that equip a church or churches in an area to enable different social issues to be addressed, for example, debt, crisis intervention, etc.. It avoids you reinventing the wheel and reduces the risk as the idea is proven.

Details are all on this site along with tips for getting started. We hope the information we provide will be a help.

We've grouped the franchise options for each social issue as you can see on the menu on the right, categorised as follows:

  • Addiction 
  • Crisis Intervention eg Foodbank,
  • Homelessness 
  • Education 
  • Family Life 
  • Finding Work 
  • Handling Money 
  • Health and Disability

You can see these within the menu on the right.

Why have we created these categories?

The Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) ( has published research into the ‘core’ reasons for poverty.

After more than 3,000 hours of public hearings, submissions from over 2,000 organisations across UK, two YouGov polls covering almost 50,000 people, interviews with over 800 people with a history of drug and alcohol problems and referencing nearly 600 sources of research and information, CSJ found there were 5 pathways to poverty:
1. Family breakdown.
2. Educational under achievement.
3. Worklessness and dependency.
4. Addiction.
5. Debt.

Most people can cope with one or maybe two of the above but people suffering two or more end up trapped and need intervention to help them stand on their feet again.

It is important for churches to treat the ‘core’ reasons as well as helping in a crisis. If we treat just the symptoms e.g. re-offending, then the causes are still there to resurface.

To give you one example, if you have experienced family breakdown, you are; 75% more likely to fail at school, 70% more likely to be a drug addict and 50% more likely to have alcohol problems.

Read more within the publications at the CSJ site at

Geoff Knott, 13/08/2012

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